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Thank you for spending the time to view this. Please take a moment to "READ" the following information which will guide you to the background of this idea and any info needed in case you run into problems.

First off, I have thought of this idea while brainstorming new sections to what I can put on my site, which will make it different from many others. I thought of a way to show the public one of the things I like doing alot, taking pictures. BINGO! How about a slide show showing some of my best work. So I decided to persue this. After going through literally hundreds and hundreds of photos, I have picked out the best. While I have many that are good, not all did make it. After picking out the pictures, I thought of something that can get the mind thinking and active while one is viewing the images. How about a song of some sort. I went through many MIDI files to pick out one that would best do this activity. So, with using a MIDI file, I would kindly ask you to quit any application using sound to get the full effect. Now, the only problem with playing a MIDI file, is that many of you do not have the same drivers. So therefore, all of you will not get the same music effect. Those who have SB Live/Value and those with SB AWE cards should get the most of the effect. Unless, you are like myself who has a very good MIDI driver, like Yamaha S-YXG, can also get the effect. You also have the option of entering it without sound. I have also lowered image file size and thus, in turn, lowered image quality. But this will not greatly effect the overall quality, but add to the mystic appearance of some photos. The slide show will load up into a NEW Browser Window. The following pages are self-loading and will load into the next frame within fifteen seconds after the current frame finishes loading. In the event that the automatic loading does not work, you can use the attached links found at the top of each page titled "NEXT". The presentation will last about five to six minutes and will have music throughout. So, just click the link at the bottom, sitback and enjoy the show. Thanks

Thomas Sajnovic MILE 262

All photos were taken by Thomas Sajnovic. If you like to use any, please email me and we can work something out.

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