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Thank you for spending the time to participate in this. Please take a moment to "READ" the following information which will guide you through what you will be about to see and expect.

I hope that this puzzle will encourage viewers like yourself to keep coming back and enjoy this marvel in the works. The following pages that you will see contains a highly complex JAVA script which will take a few seconds to load fully and then about another minute to fully load all the puzzle pieces. When the pieces load, they will load as if the puzzle will be solved, but don't let this fool you! Once everything is loaded in, a countdown begins and all the peices move away from each other. Then it is your turn. You have to get all the pieces back to the way they were. What happens if you forgot what the image looks like? Don't worry, I have included a link to the full image which will pop up in a new window so you can view it and continue on. There is no timer as of yet, but this is mostly for enjoyment purposes. After all, this is for FUN!! So get your mouse pointer ready and click the link below to begin! Thanks

Thomas Sajnovic MILE 262

The following photos were taken by Thomas Sajnovic. If you like to use this, please email me and we can work something out.

Puzzle #1

Puzzle #2

Puzzle #3

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