The E. Motis Photo Gallery

White Pass And YukonWhite Pass & Yukon Battles Its Way Through Snow
Cartier Railway 87Cartier Railway Train Rounding A Curve In Quebec
CP 9011CP SD40-2F Hauling A Lumber Train
CP/SOO 779Newly Painted SOO Line SD40-2 In Candy Apple Red
CP 5601CP SD40 Series Hauling Intermodal
CP 4051A CP CLC Locomotive Peeks Its Nose Out
CP 1402An Old CP F-Unit?
CN 5535CN In Jasper Alberta
CN 5166CN SD40? What a sight!
CN 5112Another CN SD40!
CN 2517CN Dash Unit Leading A Storm
CN 2513Another Dash Unit Safely Crossing A Bridge
CN 2431CN Dash Unit Leading A Coal Train
CN 1002A One And Only Type For CN.