Bala Subdivision Frequencies

NOTE: The Department of Communications has the following to say about the use of scanners: "The use of scanners to receive radio transmissions is not illegal. However, no person is allowed to reveal the information that is received, or to use the information for personal gain,without the permission of the originator. You should also be aware that in the Highways Traffic Act for Manitoba, there is a regulation prohibiting the use of scanners capableof receiving police transmissions in vehicles. The Criminal Code has resrictions on the use of information that has been obtained by monitoring radio telephone communications."

Frequencies Used On the Bala Subdivision

Train Standby 161.4150 MHz
RTC Call In (Mile 0-22.2) 160.6650 MHz
RTC Call In (Mile 22.2-180.7) 161.2050 MHz
RTC Call In (Mile 180.7-276.1) 160.9350 MHz

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